Saturday, October 30, 2010

MUDROOM: Stick Figure Picture

I always thought stick figures were adorable but I didn't really want them out in the main part of my house. Yesterday I had the idea to cut stick figures to put above our locker in the mudroom.  Then I started to think that no one would be able to see them if we stored any items above the locker.

I found this "beautiful" frame at the local Salvation Army story.  I originally purchased it for other reasons but thought it would make a great frame for my stick figures.

The "beautiful" frame found at the thrift shop.
The picture inside the frame.

The ulmighty spray paint I used.  Gotta love spray paint.

Updated frame.

I covered the old picture with white contact paper.  I cut the stick figures on my Cricit using SCAL.
Vinyl was Outdoor - Oracal 651.

Cut on cricut and SCAL (backwards and letters flipped).
Used Red Outdoor vinyl - Oracal 651.
Placed on glass of frame.

On the wall.

Mudroom - above family lockers.

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  1. I love your step by step pictures. This came out great! Too cute.