Saturday, October 30, 2010

MUDROOM again: Window Treatment and Wall Vinyl Quote

I've been working on a couple other projects - - a vinyl quote which I designed using SCAL and a Window Treatment for an outside door.

Vinyl Message using SCAL
Cricut Black Vinyl purchased at Wal-Mart

Now, the window Treatment:

Leftover inexpensive rolling shade that I used to make Lance's 39 1/2 Birthday Banner.
He apparently cut off the banner and this was sitting in my craft room.

Sorry you can't see the details from this adorable material.  I purchased it at Wal-Mart for $2.97 a yard.
As you can see, I didn't use very much.

  • Cut fabric slightly larger than vinyl shade.
  • Spray with spray adhesive
  • Place fabric over vinyl (I actually placed the fabric upside down above the shade and started rolling upside down.)
  • Make sure all air bubbles are smoothed away
  • Fold under additional fabric and use spray adhesive to adher.
  • To weight the bottom, I used "paint stirring sticks".  They were just sitting there and they were easy to apply using hot glue.

Window treatment.
Using magnetic clip for weight.  I'll keep looking for something else.
It was just quick and easy.

Here you can see my paint sticks.  Kinda funny but it works.

Viola - my <$2.00 window treatment for the mudroom.

Picture of the corner of the mudroom.
The door with the window treatment goes outside.
The door on the right, goes to the garage.
Also on the right, the Family Calendar Paige made for 4-H.

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