Cake Information

My cakes cannot be compared to those offered by grocery store bakeries.  I do not use bulk materials or frozen cakes made in a factory.   The expense of my ingredients, as well as the time I invest in designing, baking and decorating each cake, require me to charge more than grocery store bakeries. However, your cake with be fresh, made with real ingredients, and absolutely perfect for your special occasion.

Reserve your spot as soon as possible.  Currently, I am scheduling 2 years in advance.  There are times when I need to begin making parts of the cake three or four weeks ahead of time to allow gum paste pieces to dry, etc.  I also limit myself one cake design per week.  Please be advised that I book quicking and often times have to decline orders, even when inquired weeks in advance.  

Free delivery in the Decatur area.  Delivery beyond 20 miles will incur a delivery fee, depending on distance

All cakes are priced out per serving.  I do not believe wedding cakes should cost more just because they are for a wedding.  I also do not believe cakes for other occasions should be made with any less quality or time involved than I invest in my wedding cakes.  All cakes are made using the same fresh ingredients and same amount of thought and loving touches.

Prices -  Minimum $50 order for Special Occasion order and $200 minimum for wedding orders

  • Cupcakes:  Starting price - $18.00 for 1 dozen and $16 per dozen for 2+
    • Hand-made cake toppers and gourmet flavors require additional charges

  • Buttercream frosted cakes – Starts at $2.50 per serving for cakes with simple decorations and basic flavors
These cakes are for when you want a special cake but a bit more budget conscious.  The frosting is made using real butter.  The cake will be decorating with one of the following designs:  swirl, vertical ruffles, horizontal ruffles, rosette, or petal.  These cakes can be topped with flat gumpaste/fondant toppers or put on a stick.

  • Fondant cakes are more my specialty - Starts at $3.00 per serving for cakes with simple decorations and basic flavors.
Many people believe they do not like the taste of fondant.  My fondant is handmade resembles a combination of buttercream and marshmallows.  I can even add white chocolate if you prefer.  My fondant cakes are first covered in a yummy chocolate ganache made with chocolate and cream.  This gives it a nice shell in which to apply the fondant.  The ganache also makes it easy  for guests who do not enjoy the consistency of fondant to peel it off.

Regardless of which frosting you choose, complicated and intricate designs, hand-made gum paste flowers and figurines, and gourmet flavors require additional charges (to be determined at time of order or consultation). Fruit fillings add $0.25 per serving.    

Carved cakes to resemble specific objects or characters will also require additional charges, depending on difficulty.  Keep in mind that most of these cakes require me to bake large cakes and then carve them down to the desired shape.  The "wasted" cake does incur cost.  

A 50% non-refundable deposit will be required to secure your date.  The balance is due two weeks prior to delivery.