Friday, February 25, 2011

Snow Day + Parent's Anniversary = Vertical Stripe Rose Cake

Today we had yet another snow storm and another day off.  I do love snow days but I would prefer not to be in school until July. . .so I am ready for the snow to end.  But I guess I don't have any say in that, do I?

I am a follower of I Am Baker and she made this cake for her birthday.  I fell in love with it.   I have been looking for an excuse to make it and I thought it would be perfect for my parent's 41st Anniversary.

I have also decided to start keeping track of the costs and time involved in baking and decorating a cake.  I am almost afraid to do this but I am curious. . .


Step 1:  Baking the cakes - for this one I simply used box mixes and only made one substitution to make the strawberry flavor; therefore, the cost for the cakes are minimal on this one.
  • Mixing cake mix
  • Preparing pans
  • Washing dishes
     Time:  50 minutes (25 minutes per box mix)

Step 2:  Checking Oven and Preparing Baked Cakes
  • Checking cakes in oven occassionally (5 minutes)
  • Removing from oven (these cool only a couple minutes before leveling - HOT!)
  • Leveling cakes with Agbay
  • Wrapping cakes for freezer
  • Placing in freezer
  • Clean-up 
     Time: 32 minutes (16 minutes per box mix)

Step 3:  Making a NEW Recipe for Whipped Buttercream
  • Ingredients out and preparing for recipe (5 minutes)
  • Creaming 2 ingredients (8 minutes)
  • Whipping next ingredients (10 minutes)
  • Combining the 2 batches (10 minutes)
  • Clean-up (7 minutes)
     Time:  40 minutes for 1 batch

Step 4:  Preparing and cutting the cake & Frosting the cake)

     Time:  35 minutes

TOTAL TIME: (50 + 32 + 40 + 35) = 2.61 hours


Cake:  (I simply used 2 box mixes and substituted one item to produce a strawberry cake rather than a white cake  Very inexpensive compared to my normal cake recipes.)  approximately $7.00

Frosting:  approximately $7.75

Time: 2.61 Hours x $7.25 (minimum wage) = $18.92

Items not accounted for:
  • Electricity for oven, microwave and freezer (oven was run a minimum of 2 hours)
  • Cost of pans, Kitchen Aid mixer, multiple baking racks, parchment paper, saran wrap, etc.
  • Cake decorating tools:  offset spatulas, tips, pastry bags, cake boards, cake plate,etc.
  • Dish detergent

If I were to make this cake again. . .
I would need a double batch of the frosting which would add an additional 40 minutes to make the frosting, additional 10 minutes to frost the cake
and ingredients for the frosting

Total Cost would be: 

(round up for unaccounted for materials):

And, if I were to use my regular cake recipes
it would probably be $60


  1. For next time, I will need to use a sturdier buttercream (probably my dream buttercream recipe) so the roses hold their shape better. The Whipped Buttercream frosting was too creamy to hold the shape.

  2. Another note - - as I have been reviewing I Am Baker blog, I noticed I forgot 2 steps. I was to use a simple syrup on the cakes before freezing so to hold them together better. Also, after placing the different flavors together, I was supposed to refreeze using a wax paper belt. Oops.