Friday, February 18, 2011

An email from my Cousin's son. . . Help out MDA. . .Help out Grandma & Grandpa

Hi! I'm Gabe,

I use an electric wheelchair to help me get through the day or I run out of energy. MDA helped me pay for it. I need your help. Grandpa & Grandma Johnson are going to jail to raise money to help others who need special equipment to make it through the day. They must raise $1600.00 to get out. They're too old to do hard labor. Help Them!!!!!


P.S. If you can't help financially at this time, please send up a prayer for those in need of special equipment.

I'm excited to tell you that we have chosen to serve as MDA Jailbirds and are being Locked-Up...that's right, We're going behind bars to help Jerry's Kids©. In order to be released on good behavior, we need your help to raise our "bail."

Our bail has been set at $1,600.00 and if everyone I know makes a tax-deductible donation, we'll reach our goal quickly!

Just click here to make a secure, online donation before 03/01/11. This is a fun event benefiting individuals and families served by MDA who are affected by neuromuscular disease. We are honored to partner with MDA, and help this important cause.

Don't hesitate to call or e-mail me with any questions.

Thanks in advance for your help. Together we'll make a difference!

Nyla & Dick

P.S. We're counting on you, click here to donate.

If you have any questions regarding this e-mail, please refer to for information about the Join MDA friends-helping-friends fundraising program.

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