Sunday, January 2, 2011

Lance's Christmas Gift - - Harley Davidson Wall Vinyl

For Christmas, I told Lance I would make him a wall vinyl design for his Harley Davidson wall.

  • Designed using Sure Cuts A Lot 2.0 (Black - Oracal 631; White - Oracal 651)
  • Found the Harley Davidson svg at
  • The quote was done using "Eurostile Bold"
  • Used the "hinge" method to apply the logo and the quote (as you can see above)
  • Tribal flourish (as seen below) was found on Forums of Sure Cuts A Lot website (Tribal Flourish)


  1. Hi. I love this wall vinyl, I have a Cameo and the file to cut this as well...I wondering what is the size of the logo, and what would you charge for something like this? I have a neighbor who rides and would be interested in something like this. Thanks so much! Great work!

    1. Hi Elana -
      Thank you for the compliment. The logo itself is probably 11x11 as I made it on my 12x12 Cricut mat.

      I have to share, I just got the Silhouette Cameo. The sad part - - it's still in the box. I've been crafting but haven't had time to "play".

      I would be happy to send you the SCAL file if you can use that. Please email be at