Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Part 2 - Homemade Valentine "Peeps"

Okay, I just couldn't wait until tomorrow to see how the Valentine Peeps would turn out.  We waited a little over an hour to cut with a cookie cutter and coat with colored sugar.

Here they are:

Here's the box I put them in:


Box cut on Cricut:  4x4 Pizza Box (free from another blogger)
Frame cut on Cricut (free from another blogger)
Stamp  on front:  Cut from scalloped punch and then embossed using Cuttlebug
(Love Stamp)
Bow:  Made using the "Fork Bow" Method (which I LOVE)

NOW, I have LOTS of Leftover marshmallow scraps - any ideas??  (Kinda looks like pieces of chicken - I promise you, it is not!)

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