Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 1 - Homemade Valentine Peeps

In an earlier post, I showed how another blogger made Homemade Easter Peeps.  I thought we would try it out for Valentine's Day so my 12 year old could give them to her friends as small gifts.

Not reading ahead, I didn't realize they had to sit out for 4+ hours; therefore, I'll show you the results from Day 1 as I doubt I stay up to finish the project.

Here's the ingredients needed.  You can find the recipe at

Sorry the last picture is so dark.  Not sure what happend.
To get it that smooth, I sprayed a piece of Parchment Paper with Pam.  I spread the parchment paper across the marshmallows and used the lid from the Pam to smooth the mixture (similar to smoothing fondant.)  Now, they sit overnight.

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