Saturday, September 29, 2012

Allison's Wedding Cake - 5 Tier Gold & Ivory w/Gumpaste Flowers

This is actually a "fake" cake as they were serving mini desserts made by family members as well as a favorite recipe the mother of the bride bakes.  They had full intention of making the fake cake themselves but ran out of time.

Below you will see the pictures they gave me.  They wanted the cake to primarily look like the black & white cake made by Nichole Dicke from For Sweet's Sake in Decatur, IN.  They then wanted it stacked like the gold and black cake which is featured on The Knot website.

Although this was a fake cake, I probably have 25 hours in this cake.  All the flowers were hand rolled, cut, painted, dusted, stamens inserted and wired.  The purple "beads" were accomplished by covering white straight pins with purple fondant and some I added a wire stem so as to make longer.  The curly-q's were made from part of my Christmas decorations that I painted with lustre dust.  The mother of the bride provided the styrofoam forms, tulle and purple ribbon.

Thought I would share a picture of the reception hall - - beautiful!!!

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