Sunday, June 12, 2011

Purdue Cake Topper

A friend of mine asked if I would make her a Purdue Logo Cake Topper for the upcoming birthday party for her son and daughter.  I was bound and determined to cut this on my Cake Cricut.  Because of that stubbornness (determination) - I spent about 2.5 hours setting up my computer and cricut.

The reason it took so long is because my Cake Cricut needed the firmware updated.  For those of you following Cricut and the lawsuit they filed against the makers of Sure Cuts A Lot, you know that the 2 are no longer compatible.  Well, I was finally able to  update the firmware and get my Cake Cricut to work with my software.  WHEW!

So, I was finally able to design this:

It's hard to see, but the Purdue Logo is on a round piece of gumpaste making it easier for them to transfer to her cake.  I welded the letters together for the names and Happy Birthday.  I'm not sure the words will hold together but I thought I would try.  Next time, I probably need to put them on a gumpaste plaque as well.

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