Thursday, June 16, 2011

Justin Bieber Cake with Souvenir Cake Topper

My niece is celebrating her 7th birthday this weekend.  We will have to miss the party due to being in Grand Rapids, Michigan for a graduation.  However, I still made her cake and will deliver it tomorrow.

Her request - Justin Bieber, Purple and Black to match the napkins.  Well, I haven't seen the napkins but Paige told me that purple is Justin Bieber's color.  Okay. . .

Here's a 3 layer, 10 inch tier - Vanilla Blend (she'll be surprised when they cut it as it is white and purple on the inside too).  The cake topper is actually a tile I made using Oracal vinyl.  She'll be able to keep it as a souvenir!  I thought she would like that - PLUS - I had no other idea how to get Justin Bieber on the cake.  I placed the tile on a gumpaste plaque so not to have the tile directly touching the cake.

This cake also used Buttercream flavored Marshmallow Fondant (my first time using this recipe).  I also used black and silver lustre dust.

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