Friday, May 6, 2011

Gluten-Free Resources

A friend of mine just emailed me asking for some Gluten-Free Resources.  I am SO glad she asked!  I just figured I might as well post it here on my blog in case others are interested.

  • I started with a Dietician.  She was recommended by my doctor.  She practices a gluten-free diet although it was not necessary for her.  She said she just felt better when she was gluten-free.
  • My first year, I purchased the magazine, Living Without - Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free and Other Food Allergies magazine.  Lots of useful information.
  • As soon as I found out, I basically ate only Fresh Meats/Fruits and Veggies.  A very nutritious diet.  What I learned is that processed foods have gluten in them (wheat, barley, rye).  Shredded cheese is sprinkled with gluten to keep it from sticking.  Cans of beans and soups contain gluten for thickening.  You even have to be careful with turkeys and hams as the basting contains gluten.
  • Valuable tool:  App for my iPod called "Is That Gluten Free?" found on  I used to carry my ipod with me so I could look up ingredients to see if they contain gluten.
  • I was purchasing cookbooks but have come to enjoy following blogs instead.  Here's some of the blogs I follow:
  • A great guide about gluten can be found on this website written by Ventura County Celiacs
  • The thing to remember - - gluten is everywhere - - lip balms, hand lotions, shampoos, etc.

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