Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Baby Shower Cake - Monday and Tuesday

This is a very busy couple of weeks for Sweet Treats.  Last week I worked on the 50th Anniversary cake.  Sunday I spend time cleaning up that mess and making cake balls.  Last night and tonight I worked on a Baby Shower Cake.  The cake is for a sweet, first time mom!  She is a teacher I used to work with and due to school reconfigurations, we no longer work together.  I felt privledged to be asked to make her cake.


Here's the napkin (theme) of tomorrow's shower:

Here's the sheet cake:

11x15 Sheet Cake
Sour Cream Vanilla
Dream Buttercream using 1/2 and 1/2 shortening
Handmade fondant Giraffe, Lion and "BABY"

I still sit here wondering if the top is too plain.  My hubby said "STOP".  I tend to overdo it on the decorations so I stopped but yet here I am rethinking it.  I wish Paige weren't in bed - - she's very honest about my work.  LOL

I have to say this one was kinda fun.  I sure hope the momma-to-be likes it!

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