Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Start of Cohen's 2nd Birthday Cake

Cohen (my nephew) is turning 2 - woo hoo!  He LOVES playing with balls - footballs, soccer balls, you name it, he loves it.  My sister asked for simple cupcakes, which is fun.  BUT, I wanted to try out some new techniques.

I've decided to make a double layer 6" cake and I wanted the top to resemble the napkins his mom purchased.

First, I gathered my Satin Ice (purchased from Country Kitchen, Fort Wayne, IN), the napkin and a box of Rice Krispie treats.

I then make the treats into the shape of the various balls on the napkin.

I colored the Satin Ice fondant and wrapped it around the pre-shaped treats.  And Viola!

Basketball:  Orange Fondant and Black fondant stripes (wish I would have used a Sharpie instead)
Golf ball:  White fondant and made indentions on a small grater
Football:  Brown fondant, White fondant stripes and used black coloring to draw the stitching
Soccer Ball:  White and Black fondant cut using my CRICUT!!!
Hockey Puck:  Black fondant
Baseball:  White fondant and Red Sharpie used for stitching

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